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"I have called Palmetto Bay home for over 31 years. I am ready to use my skills and experience to ensure that residents have a voice that reflects our shared vision and priorities. By working together, we can make Palmetto Bay even better than it is today."

- Marsha 

Opposes the 87th Ave. bridge over C-100 canal at 164th St.  

Opposes bridges on 77th Ave., 72nd Ave., and 175th St.

Supports I-bus, which transports commuters without charge from Palmetto Bay to Dadeland South Metrorail

Advocates for a continuous bike/pedestrian path on 184th Street

Passed Palmetto Bay Path, a 10-mile perimeter pedestrian and bicycle path

Voted for Freebee, which shuttles residents without charge within Palmetto Bay

Advocated for no-right-turn signs and stop sign on 87th Ave., which reduced traffic in the Malbrook neighborhood


Voted against 2021-2022 property tax increase 

Reduced fees for residential permits

Refinanced Village hall municipal bond to save $2 million over 20 years 

Voted for a fund balance policy for uninterrupted operations for emergencies. 

Advocated spending $12 million of federal relief money on water, sewer, and infrastructure projects

Voted for stormwater projects to prevent flooding



Marsha Matson on the Issues 

Voted for Village police contract

Voted for additional equipment and personnel for police

Supported funding by county for new fire truck at Hibiscus Station 

Secured publication of more detailed police statistics

Advocated for regulation of parking for Farmers Market and special events

Advocated for bike patrols

Supports a new Coral Reef Park recreation center

Established a native pine Rockland island in Palmetto Bay Park 

Voted to save money for a future parks acquisition

Converted Park Drive into a Palmetto Bay Park recreational area instead of a street

Advocates acquiring coastal property to double the size of Ludovici Park

Sponsored an ordinance prohibiting park boundaries from being reduced in size

Supports creation of a Veterans Park

Voted for new Parks Master Plan

Opposed building a $16 million mega-Community Center in southwest Palmetto Bay.



Passed the new Downtown Palmetto Bay zoning code which lowered building heights and eliminated developer incentives for higher density

Passed a maximum 45 ft. building height Village-wide to reduce density throughout the Village

Consistently votes for low-density development and against high-density developments

Opposes the county’s Rapid Transit Zone proposal which would increase density extending half a mile from the busway into Palmetto Bay neighborhoods

Established a residents’ Neighborhood Protection Committee which recommended changes to protect neighborhoods from excessive light, noise, runoff, density, intensity, dust, and odor

Passed a requirement that a developer must hold a community meeting to fully inform residents of his development prior to his zoning hearing

Advocates for set-asides for senior housing in multi-family developments



Sponsored the bathroom grab bar safety program for seniors that reimburses them for purchase and installation of grab bars in their homes  

Passed a vacation/short term rentals ordinance regulating rentals in single-family neighborhoods

Passed an ordinance limiting construction/demolition noise on weekdays to 7 am -6 pm and on Saturday 9 am – 6 pm and no noise on Sunday and holidays

Advocated for a consistent, organic Florida Vernacular design aesthetic for Village commercial and government buildings

Co-wrote the Palmetto Bay history booklet, "Through the Years,” and helped to develop the Historic Tour of Palmetto Bay video, information signs, and brochure.

Works with the Tree Advisory Board to write a new Tree Protection ordinance

Co-sponsored the bird refuge ordinance to protect bird wildlife in Palmetto Bay 

Voted for landscaping beautification of US 1 median

Meet Marsha Matson 

Councilwoman Dr. Marsha Matson was elected to the Village Council in 2018. As an elected official, she has led on key issues, including traffic relief, public safety, responsible development, and improving Palmetto Bay’s overall quality of life.
Dr. Marsha Matson has called Palmetto Bay home for 31 years. She proudly raised her children in the village where they attended Coral Reef Elementary, Southwood Middle, and Palmetto High School. Her daughter, Hayley, is a clinical psychologist and mother of her 13-year old grandson, Ky. Her son, Dan, is a businessman in Austin, Texas. 
Dr. Matson graduated with a history major and education minor from Kent State University, a master’s degree in political science from Kent State, and a Ph.D. in political science and public administration from Northern Illinois University. Most of her career has been teaching government to college students. She retired from the University of Miami in 2012 after 22 years of teaching American government, local government, and public administration. In addition, she has worked for 24 years as a part-time arbitrator for FINRA, a financial industry dispute resolution service. As an arbitrator, she is a member of a three-person panel that decides disputes between investors and financial institutions, such as brokerage houses and banks.  

"I'm proud of what we have accomplished so far, but there is much more work to be done. I  look forward to continuing to bring a fresh perspective and leadership style to tackle the issues we face."

- Marsha